The face of an idiot

New AntiGay law in NIgeria!
Look at this face - what you see is the face of an idiot. 

Yes, that's right. He must be, musn't he? How else can one explain that he, The president of Nigeria (right along the presidents and leading politicians of many African countries who share the same label) must be is pretending to do his country a favour these days by declaring:

"Any person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organisations or directly or indirectly makes public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offence and shall each be liable on conviction to a term of 10 years in prison," the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act says.
It is hardly a result of intelligent reasoning, knowing what we know today about sexuality and sexual orientation. 

Of course THAT is the biggest problem in Nigeria. Forget about poverty, violence and corruption, LOVE is the problem. The country will surely go under if someone were to love a person of the same sex. Even you, mr. president do not believe in this, you are tricking your people.

This is such hipocrisy. And so destructive. There are as many gays in Nigeria, Uganda, Gambia, and any other African country as in any other country on any continent. No law can change that. But there is no "wave", will never be a wave, your country will not be "taken over". Only about 2 % of a population is gay. But in Nigeria with more than 174.000.000 people that means that 3.500.000 people are in grave danger. Plus their relatives who risk to loose somerone they hold dear.
And really - who would CHOOSE to be gay when they know they risk their life by loving their love? 

The only thing you gain is to scare the people who can afford it out of the country and violence and suffering for millions who cannot leave. 

A well tried weapon to steer the public's attention away from your own mismanagement, for sure, or are you so afraid that people will think you are gay yourself that you have to hide behind this curtain of hate? Research has shown it, you know, the most homophobic are likely to be gay themselves. For sure, if you are certain about your sexuality you do not need to bully others.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all the African leaders using energy to flame up hate, violence and suffering against their own people. I wonder, who is leading you into this tunnel of hate? Who is behind you, what's your reward? It will certainly not be in Heaven, but you already know that. Amazing how much blasphemy is around to try to justidy violence, hate and even murder. 

And all my sympathy, support and hope for the gay people of all countries that practise this brutal and unintelligent policy. It will surely be payback time once the people responsible might try to enter the pearly gates. There be a HUGE no entry sign waiting for them there.



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15.01.2014 kl.00:13

Jeg blir så sint! Man velger ikke hvem man elsker og skal aldri blir straffet for det! Flott innlegg:)

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